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  Documentary in production


The balloon-borne solar observatory SUNRISE III will launch from ESRANGE (Kiruna, Sweden) in June 2022. In order to record high quality data for the examination of sunlight in the ultraviolet range it will remain in stratosphere for five days, unaffected by the earth's lower atmosphere.

The film follows the team from the Max-Planck-Institute for Solar System Research. It gives insights into their work, how they plan and prepare for the mission: Scientific methods have to be established, decisions have to be made, new instruments have to be developed and risks need to be taken in account. In the end, the mission's outcome highly depends on the observatory's five days 37 kilometers above ground.

Start of shooting:

March 2021


November 2022

In cooperation with:

Max-Planck-Institut for Solar System Research

Funded by:

Max Planck Society

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